EMS-57 DTMF 8PIN Microphone for Alinco DR-03 DR-06T DR-135 DR-235T DR-435 DR-635. EUR 18,42. spedizione: + EUR 2,22 spedizione . Welcome to mods.dk, the best site on the internet for modifications repair instructions and improvement of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc. Here you will find modifications of many types of HAM radios, microphones, power supplies, modems etc.

Alinco dr 06t mods

Alinco DR-06T | DR 06T | DR06T 10M Mobile Transceiver | Mobile 6M Transceiver, 50~53.995MHz, Front panel data port , Rear panel DSUB9 computer connection , 100 memory channels, CTCSS, DCS encode+decode, DTMF encode Alinco, a world leader in communications, has developed a new, compact, solid and high Cross-band repeater operation. Commercial radio cross-mod., intermod and strong signal handling receive We have one (1) only DR-06T transceiver in stock. DR-06T has a socket fitted to accept an optional...6 Meter SSB Transceiver with mic The MFJ-9406X comes with both the MFJ-9406 and the MFJ-290 microphone. Work exciting 6 Meter DX from all over the world on ham radios "magic band"! Alinco DM-330MVT Power Supplies offer a combination of high-quality space-saving components Alinco's communication technology has created a patent-pending Noise-Offset circuit to eliminate the Alinco DR-235TMKIII 220 MHz Mobile Transceivers are very popular 220 MHz VHF mobiles.Alinco DR-735T. *Optional MARS mod extends transmit frequencies for authorized users. The Alinco DR-735 features eight full color LEDs enabling you to customize your display colors! Using 10 standard colors plus 6 color memory channels in the set mode, the DR-735 lets you assign different colors for...

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Alinco Dr-06t Dr-03t Transceiver Owner's Instruction And Service Manual Alinco Dr-06t - $19.95 ... Hf All Mode Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver With Mars Mod Alinco Dx ... My Alinco DR-610T worked fine last night when I installed it into my truck. It was accidentally turned on today while I was double-stick taping it to my console. I turned it back off, stuck it to the console, turned it on, and now the screen says: set up and then goes toHas a really nice quality extra long lead too, Suitable for the Alinco DR-135/435 and variants, works with most 8 pin Alinco models Alinco Microphone EMS-57 Nov 22, 2015 · Hi Crowd! I was just checking two power supplies from "TekPower", same 30Amp capacity, but one is analog and the other is digital with $50 higher price tag.
Dr-06T is a good radio 5-10-50 watts I use it all the time on simplex and local 2 repeater's the band opened 3 days ago 5pm I was on a Flordia repeater 53.050 -1mhz made a contact to Michagan. Best thing is you have 50 watts at your disposal when needed. The radio is easy to use function and hit a button. UV-5R BaoFeng UV-5R. The UV-5R is a discontinued hand-held radio that has been marketed illegally in the United States [7] and was produced since 2012. [8] It has been used in a number of projects involving radios.