Chevrolet Oil sending unit replacement all 5.3L engines. The oil sending unit on the 2000 Ford F-150 relays the oil pressure from the engine to the oil pressure gauge on the dash. The oil sending unit is one of the most important components on the engine. The oil is pumped up from the oil pan by the oil pump and through the engine.

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Genuine Auto Parts & Accessories discounted here: Toyota, Scion, Ford, Lincoln, Hyundai, Mopar and ALL GM Brands including Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac. Search for the perfect part now! OM617 Oil Pressure Adapter Kit, for MB engines with a METRIC one wire electric sending unit on lower backside of oil filter housing or black plastic mechanical line. Outlet is 1/8" Female NPT to connect sending unit of your choice. OM617 Oil Cooler Line Adapter Kit, fittings for MB engines with external oil cooler. UMA Sending Unit Includes: Sending Unit, and .156 dia. tang adapter. Dimensions: 4.5" overall length, 1.3" max. diameter. T1A9 UMA Sending Unit Magnetic pickup for Slick or Bendix Magnetos (6 ft. cable lengths) Genuine ZF Marine Oil Filter Transmission (3213308019) ... QSB 5.9 SmartCraft v1.0 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Location. QSB 5.9 Coolant Temperature Sending Unit Location. May 02, 2012 · Hello all. I just replaced the oil pressure sensor on my wife's 2006 Yukon (5.3 engine). I was able to replace with only removing the plastic intake cover and the air intake (from air cleaner to throttle body). This required loosening three 5/16 screws (one on intake cover and two clamps on air intake) and four screws (air cleaner cover).

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Locate the oil sending switch or unit. It is usually mounted close to the oil filter. You can consult for a vehicle repair manual, if essential. Unplug the electrical connector sending unit. Use a wrench to remove the sending unit. Connect the gauge’s hose with the correct fitting so that it helps to plug the indicator in the sending unit. equivalent oil filter with 3/4"-16 threads. Always prime the filter by pre-filling it before installing on the unit. can be used to install an oil temperature gauge or oil sending unit. If neither of these devices will be installed, it must be disabled using an 1/8” NPT Pipe Thread (not included). The Instrumentation port SINGLE OIL FILTER ... Sending units have an immediately noticeable leak, whereas rear main seals usually experience a slow leak that increases over time. Enjoyed and appreciated your guide on the oil pressure sending unit. Unfortunately, after watching numerous YouTube videos attempted to take a short cut in...
If you use a 80# sending unit with a 1940 (50#) gauge the actual oil pressure will be approximately twice the reading. You can test this by hooking up a sending unit and gauge to your air compressor and regulating the pressure with the air pressure regulator. Start out at 10# and then go up to a max of 80#. sending unit (with copper crush washer 10259960) protect this pressure sensor from a harsh environment with our exclusive rubber protection: 135940-b 135940 SENDING UNIT - Ricambi America, Inc. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.